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Updated 28.08.2013

Welcome to the latest web edition of the newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with changes and events at the Practices and to provide you with helpful, up-to-date information and advice. We are interested in your views on the services we provide and on topics you would like to see covered on the website and in the newsletter, so please feel free to contact us.


Extended Hours

Both Practices are offering extended hours after 6pm. Drs Ayles Rigg & McCulloch on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings.


Flu Clinics

We are running our Flu Clinics according to the initial of your surname – please come along on your allocated date/time.

Does your Surname begin with the initial… Date & Time to come to the practice

A, B, C - Tues 15th Oct (2.30pm – 3.45pm)

D, E, F - Tues 15th Oct (3.45pm – 5pm)

G, H, I - Tues 22nd Oct (2.30pm – 3.45pm)

J, K, L  - Tues 22nd Oct (3.45pm – 5pm)

M, N, O - Thurs 24th Oct (2.30pm-3.45pm)

P,Q, R  - Thurs 24th Oct (3.45pm – 5pm)

S, T, U - Tues 29th Oct (2.30pm – 3.45pm)

V, W, X, Y, Z - Tues 29th Oct (3.45pm – 5pm)

Medical Students

Our Practices are assisting in the training and teaching of final year medical students and you may therefore be asked if you mind a student being present during your consultation. You will always be asked for permission before any such consultation and if you prefer, they will not be present.

Pharmacy Service

Most of our local pharmacies provide a prescription pick up service. If you feel you would benefit from this service, please inform one of the reception staff.


Public holidays


Monday 16th September

Wednesday 25th December

Thursday 26th December



Wednesday 1st January 2014

Thursday 2nd January 2014


Bowel Screening

The practice is participating in a detecting cancel early programme to try to increase the uptake of bowel screening for eligible patients.  Please use the following link for further information.